MAGZUMA Policies and Procedures

An Independent Member must meet the following requirements

  1. Must be of legal age of consent, if an individual or a registered company entity correctly established in the state, providence or country in which they reside.
  2. Has completed an online MAGZUMA Independent Member Application and Agreement Form with truthful information stated in the English language.
  3. Must read and become familiar with all of the Policies & Procedures, Code of Ethics and Compensation Plan of MAGZUMA LLC as set out herein and on the Web Site

To Become a MAGZUMA Member

A person or entity must complete and submit the member application form found on the website New members will be accepted immediately and will be notified of their member account number as soon as possible; however MAGZUMA has the right to review and disapprove any or all applications within 30 days from the time they are approved if any untrue information has been found to have been submitted or unethical issues are detected.

MAGZUMA Member Commission Payment Method

All commission, bonuses, and any other payments earned by a MAGZUMA Member will be deposited into the member's electronic wallet provided by MAGZUMA. All qualified accrued earnings can be submitted for withdrawal 24/7 to be transferred to a bank account or MAGZUMA Debit card. All requests for withdrawal during any week ending Saturday at 12:00 midnight will be paid on the following Wednesday. Commission withdrawals will be paid on Wednesday's only. Should Wednesday fall on a holiday, payments will be made the following work day. If a Member does not have a bank account, he may request a company check. There will be a $5.00 charge to write and mail the check to the member. Additional postage will be added to foreign mailings.

Sales, members and the Law

It is against Federal law to make medical claims on any nutritional product. A MAGZUMA Member may not make any medical claim for any product sold by MAGZUMA, whether expressed or implied. Likewise, a MAGZUMA Member is not permitted to make any cure claims or diagnose any medical, health, skin or any other such condition or prescribe any product as a specific treatment for any disease, illness or condition. A MAGZUMA member may not suggest, claim or infer that any MAGZUMA product would replace the need for current established professional, medical or diagnostic advice or treatment. A MAGZUMA member may only provide and circulate current MAGZUMA approved literature. It is legal for a member to speak of his or her personal experience with the products.

Product Liability

MAGZUMA Corp does carry product liability insurance on their products. This type of insurance coverage does not cover any misrepresentation or untruthful statement made by a MAGZUMA member relative to MAGZUMA Corp or its products.

Advertising & Promotional Material

All types and forms of advertising, including but not limited to brochures, press releases and statements made on telephone answering machines, cell phones, voicemail systems or use of company logos or trademarks must be approved in writing by an authorized MAGZUMA official prior to its use or publication by a member. All MAGZUMA members agree to follow MAGZUMA's policies and procedures and indemnify MAGZUMA LLC and hold it harmless from any and all liability including judgments, civil penalties, refunds, attorney fees, court costs or lost business of MAGZUMA LLC as a result of any advertising, promotions or any other forms or unauthorized representations made by a MAGZUMA Member. Any non-compliance of the above will be subject to membership termination.

Name and Copyrighted MAGZUMA Materials

The names MAGZUMA LLC and Perfect Plant minerals and numerous other names used in the Buying Club Tri-Six Marketing Program are used to identify the Company, its products, promotional avenues, sales and marketing materials and programs are meant to distinguish them from any other product and overall program. All product names, logos, videos or promotional or advertising material of any type and the Tri-Six marketing program utilized by MAGZUMA are proprietary and have great commercial and intrinsic value to the company and cannot be used or reproduced in any unauthorized manner by any MAGZUMA Member. Additionally, a member shall not give hypothetical examples of commission earnings or untrue numbers of members in their downline. Also, a MAGZUMA member, who is an independent member, is not authorized to use the MAGZUMA name or any of its product names or trademarks as part of its own membership name, website, email address, or imply in any other way that it is an agent or employee of MAGZUMA LLC. A member may indicate he is a MAGZUMA member on his business card. Any unauthorized use of the above by a MAGZUMA Member will result in the immediate termination of their membership.

Trade, Conventions and Mall Shows or other Venues

All MAGZUMA Members are independent and are free to participate in and sell any MAGZUMA products in any venue they desire.

Freight or Postage

MAGZUMA Members will get postage prepaid on their initial sign-up order of MAGZUMA products. Postage will be charged to the member on reorders unless the member receives his order within MAGZUMA's (AMPS) Automated Monthly Product Shipment Program. All AMPS orders will be shipped postage prepaid by MAGZUMA within the continental U.S. Most, if not all orders, will be sent via the United States Post Office.

Defective Product

The principals of MAGZUMA have not had or sold a defective product in thirty years of business. However, if a MAGZUMA product is thought to be defective the member shall call or email MAGZUMA's headquarters to get the problem rectified.

Damaged Product

Shipments don't always arrive in undamaged condition. Should this occur, either refuse the shipment or immediately notify the delivering carrier and advise them accordingly as it's their responsibility to deliver it in undamaged condition. It is the member's responsibility to verify the condition of each shipment upon receipt.

Dealer Cancellation after investigation

MAGZUMA reserves the right to terminate any membership for breach of any municipal, state or federal laws or regulations upon receiving verifiable proof of the breach. All members are required to adhere to MAGZUMA's Code of Ethics and its Policies & Procedures which may be amended from time to time.

Personal Cancellation of Membership

As normal in any organization a MAGZUMA Member has the right to cancel their membership for any reason and at any time. The member must notify MAGZUMA's headquarters of the intention to cancel, in writing or by verifiable email. A representative of the company will attempt to contact the member to assist in the cancellation. It should be noted that any commissions due in the future from downlines cannot be paid to a member who has cancelled his membership. Such earnings will be retained by MAGZUMA.

Refund for Order Cancelation and Product Return and Commissions

A new MAGZUMA Member has the right to cancel his order within 72 hours from the time the order was placed for a full refund of the purchase price, provided the member returns the product that may have already been shipped to his address. The member shall call MAGZUMA requesting a return authorization at which time MAGZUMA will agree to pay the returned postage. The refund will be issued when the product is received by Magzuma in unused, unopened resalable condition. It should be noted that any commission accrued or paid to the new member's upline, will be deducted from the upline accounts. Also, a MAGZUMA member has the right to return any MAGZUMA product within 30 days from the date it was purchased, for a full refund less the original postage amount, provided the member pays the return postage or freight and the product is unused, unopened and in resalable condition. Other than initial order cancellation, any product being returned for a refund for any reason or due to involuntary or voluntary cancellation, the refund amount will be less any commissions that may have already been paid to upline members. It is the member's responsibility to cover all costs of freight or postage and duty if from a foreign country and/or any such charges relating to any return.

Policy Changes if Any

It may be necessary for MAGZUMA to make policy, procedure, price or any other change from time to time and MAGZUMA reserves the right to do so. Any change will be announced through MAGZUMA's Facebook page and the company web site or by company email to its members. Any such change shall be an amendment to the agreement between the member and The MAGZUMA LLC.

Communicate with people you sponsor

It is important that you stay in contact with the members you sponsor. Nothing is as inspirational as communicating with your downline whether by phone, email or personal meetings. Persuade them to get more people involved in learning the importance of a full spectrum of plant derived minerals. Their health and longevity requires a daily amount of an abundant amount of minerals as those contained in Perfect Plant.